The service is suitable for everybody who needs documents delivered fast and reliably anywhere in the world. It is an express air service and delivery is made to the majority of world destinations very fast. We specify the precise transport time to the customer after assessment of the individual options. Delivery is made to most places in the EU the business day after collection. Delivery is made to more remote world destinations within a few business days. This service is not subject to customs proceedings.

Courier Services

The service is intended primarily for packages and small goods. We offer more than 220 global destinations with a choice of express and economy delivery. In the EU, we are able to ensure next-day delivery or guaranteed delivery at a specific time for urgent and time-critical shipments.

Collection Service in EU

The service is used for pallets and larger loads, as well as for heavy, non-stackable goods. Emphasis is not placed on the speed of delivery, but more on having acceptable transport costs. We deliver to surrounding countries within a few business days, to more remote destinations within no more than a week. It is a service focused on the lowest price, which is often balanced out by longer transport times.

Air Cargo

Express and economy transport of large goods and pallets throughout the world. The service is intended for shipments that need to be delivered fast and reliably and is also suitable for exotic and hard-to-access countries. We offer exports to and imports from a large number of global destinations and deliver goods to the recipient's address or, if the client so wishes, only to a specific airport.

All-risk Additional Insurance

To cover the majority of risks, we offer an all-risk additional insurance product, which we always recommend to customers for any transport of shipments with a higher value. Our company works with an insurance company that has been specialising solely in the international transport sector for a long time. This is why we can offer competitive rates for all-risk additional insurance and agree individual insurance rates for higher-value shipments.